The Club

What is the vibe and atmosphere like in The Dally? 

We think The Dally is best described as your stylish best friend’s house. A place you are totally at ease and completely relaxed, where your drink is topped up, you can dine on delicious food (without having to do the dishes), and you’ll be around interesting people with whom you can converse, dance, laugh, and then toddle off home. 

What spaces does the club have?

Well, where to begin? We have a delightful, comfy Living Room for those all-day drinks and light bites, and a Restaurant, on the first floor when you’re in the mood for finer, more substantial dining (think simply made contemporary classics). Wait there’s more. Our spacious Loft is just the thing for a fun celebration or effortlessly cool event, while our Cocktail Bar may be compact and bijou, but serves libations for every palate.

Can I bring guests with me when I visit the club?

You’re allowed to bring up to three guests with you on regular visits. As long as they’re fabulous, naturally. There may be instances where we just want to see your wonderful face, such as members’ drinks, but we’ll share this with you ahead of time.

What are the Club’s opening hours?

10am – 12am Monday to Wednesday, 10am – 2am Thursday to Saturday, 10am- 11pm Sunday

What sort of events does the club have for members?

We’re have a range of weekly events, from arts and culture to food & drink, and wellbeing, and from business and tech to community and, erm, dogs (we like dogs so the odd event will be about them). Hopefully, in amongst all that, there’s almost certainly something that’ll pique your interest from time to time. Should you have a dazzling suggestion for an event though, we’re all ears. 

What’s the food like? 

It is sustainable, seasonal and locally sourced where possible, but mostly delicious. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, elevenses, naughty mid-afternoon snacks and late-night munchies. 

What’s the philosophy of The Dally? How did it come about?

The origins of our little club date back to 2016 when our esteemed Founders met. Caroline moved from Ghana back to Islington (as one does) and met Claire. Another globetrotter, Claire had also recently moved back to London from New York and Sydney. Musing ensued about how people manage to meet new friends without a shared space or activity. Claire, being a members’ clubs veteran, is naturally the ultimate connector, always making introductions or dreaming up new opportunities to get people together. After the ghastly pandemic they noticed that local neighbourhoods were coming into their own, and all that travelling seemed a bit old hat. Ergo, they felt it was time Islington deserved somewhere marvellous people could come together and call a second home. Enter The Dally stage left. 

Can I bring children with me? 

First and foremost, The Dally is a social club for sociable adults. However, impeccably behaved under 18s are welcome as guests in the Living Room, Restaurant and Loft until 10pm. Due to the nature of our space, your little darlings must remain with you at all times. 

Can I bring my dog with me?

Domesticated and socialised dogs are allowed in the Living Room and the Loft. Paws should be on the floor and leads must be on though. 

Is there a dress code? 

Refreshingly, no. When you’re at The Dally we want you to look and feel like you’re at home, so don’t ‘dress up’ on our account. Well, okay, perhaps brush your hair and change out of your pyjamas, but beyond that it’s up to you. Come as you are, settle in and stay as long as you like.

Can I use my laptop at The Dally?

In short, yes. However, it’s worth pointing out that if you’re planning to join The Dally to arrive every day with your computer, sit in the corner and ‘shush’ everyone whilst you’re on video calls, we’d like to point out that it isn’t really an office. The Club is primarily a social space. We all have to clear the dreaded inbox now and again, or finish that tiresome document but we’d like to think The Dally is mostly an escape from the drudgery? To that end, laptops are put away at 6pm so the evening can begin in earnest.

Can I host private events at The Dally?

Certainly. We’d be honoured to host your seductive soiree or bawdy bash. Please contact to discuss your exacting specifications. 


How do I apply for membership? Will I be accepted?

Anyone is welcome to apply by completing the application form found on our ‘Membership’ page.

We like to say that The Dally is an inclusive club, where personality is valued more than profession. A club just for women or men, or just for creatives or business people didn’t really chime with us. Our Membership Committee approve all applications, but if you’re sociable, passionate and connected to the neighbourhood - whether you live here, work here, or simply love the area – we’d love you to be part of The Dally community. 

What sort of people are typically members of The Dally?

Our community of members is so diverse, there isn’t really a ‘typical’ member. They come from the worlds of fashion, arts, finance, hospitality, medicine, law, tech, media, retail and beyond, with a dizzying range of backgrounds and interests.  We encourage the lost art of conversation, promote the exchange of ideas, and celebrate different perspectives, as well as having a great deal of fun along the way.

How much does membership cost?

A very reasonable £630 per year (if you pay upfront), or a convenient £66 per month. There is also the matter of a £250 joining fee, but you only have to pay that once of course.

When do membership fees need to be paid? 

There’s no need to fret. We won’t take a penny when you apply. Once your application has been approved by our esteemed (but very friendly) Membership Committee, we’ll be in touch about payment dates and will be able to tell you when your membership commences.

When does my membership year begin?

The Membership Committee will be reviewing applications regularly and your membership would begin upon approval. 

Does The Dally offer company memberships?

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Victoria at

Does The Dally offer joint or couples memberships?

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Victoria at